How to Find an Office Space That Will Fit Your Business Needs

April 17, 2018

office space for sale

Selecting an office space is often one of the most significant choices and one of the largest expenses for a business.  Numerous resources exist to assist you with finding a the perfect location that meets your needs and stays within your company’s budget, but no resource is more valuable than the professional assistance you can receive at Denver Commercial Properties.  

Our team of commercial real estate professionals can help assess your needs and use our years of realty experience and in-depth knowledge of the Denver commercial real estate market to find the ideal office space for sale to suit you and your business.

Considerations for Selecting an Office Space

At Denver Commercial Properties, we will walk you through your options and the various elements to be considered in choosing the best location for your company or business. Some of these factors include location, size, capacity, infrastructure, and leasing versus buying. Finding an office space for sale that suits all your needs can be a challenge, but we’ve got you covered.


Location, location, location.  Some sayings are common because they are valid.  The common belief that the most important concept in real estate is location has some validity.  Considering where your employees live and where your customers are are both prime considerations when choosing a commercial space.  Considerations such whether your business relies on heavy foot traffic can be addressed when you begin to target a specific search area.

Size, Capacity, and Infrastructure

Some experts recommend 125 to 225 square feet of usable space per person in your place of business.  However, this depends greatly on the type of business and your needs.  In addition, room for growth should be a factor, another important point that your commercial real estate professional can assist you with determining.  Infrastructure requirements to adequately meet your business’s technology needs should be determined during the search for an office space for sale.

Lease vs. Purchase

Determining whether to lease, sublease, or purchase commercial office space is a primary decision to be made with the foreknowledge of your financial situation and short and long term goals.  Both leasing and purchasing come with advantages and disadvantages. Knowing which is right for your company is essential.

Leasing poses less risk and requires less capital up front, but also means you are not building equity with your monthly rental payments. The tax implications for leasing vs. buying must also be taken into account in your decision.

Your Partner in the Process

With Denver Commercial Properties, you will have a partner to guide you through the selection of the ideal office space for sale for your business in the Denver area. We pride ourselves in our excellent personal customer service and our professional, extensive knowledge of commercial real estate. You can rely on us to communicate with you promptly and professionally through every step of the process – from the search through the closing or signing and beyond. Contact us today to learn why we are a cut above the rest. Do not simply rely on just anyone to secure the right location for your company. Whether leasing or buying, Denver Commercial Properties will be your guide through the Denver commercial real estate market.