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Commercial Retail Property in Denver

The competition for commercial property in Denver is heavily impacting the pace and price of retail space in the city. More than ever before, Denver’s booming population is catching the eye of nationwide and regional retailers, and they are quickly moving into the Denver market. Finding the perfect retail space is challenging, but exciting, and with a partner like Denver Commercial Properties, finding the right space is also easier than ever before.

Whether you are a newcomer to Denver or looking to relocate from an existing retail space, our boutique brokerage is prepared to provide representation for the lease of retail property or securing retail space for sale in Denver. Interested in finding Denver’s newest retail property opportunities, here’s what you need to know.

Most Important Aspect of Any Retail Space

While office space and industrial properties require attention to a wide range of business needs, the acquisition or leasing of retail space truly has one pertinent consideration – location. At Denver Commercial Properties, we locate and secure high caliber retail spaces in excellent locations. Of course, location means much more than picking a certain neighborhood or zip code.

To boast a great location, retail space must have readily available parking, great visibility, and low vacancy in the surrounding area. Denver Commercial Properties takes determination of your retail space even further. We look at the unique needs of your business, such as target demographic, street signage, storefront opportunities, accessibility concerns, and build-out.

Ultimately, in your desired location, Denver Commercial Properties is known to negotiate competitive retail leases and sales. We secure the property you need, at a price you want.

Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make Related to Retail Property

A broker is able to provide specific insight into the Denver retail property market. Frequently, that insight saves companies from making the most common mistakes related to retail property, such as the following.

Companies searching for retail space often act impulsively when putting in an offer or deposit on a space. Denver Commercial Properties advocates for strategic, quick decisions regarding any property, but base these determinations on careful consideration of the space and surrounding area. We help buyers and tenants make informed retail property decisions, not impulsive ones.

Many retailers fail to contemplate the five or 10-year future of their retail property. Looking at recent trends in the neighborhood, potential development on nearby streets, and determining whether these commercial property changes improve or negatively impact a specific property is essential. Every business should secure a property that will fit their commercial needs well into the future.

Handling Denver’s Increased Retail Competition

Every sector of Denver’s commercial property market is growing. Low vacancy rates in downtown office space and industrial properties are causing an uptick in leasing prices, but also driving commercial property owners to consider diversification and innovative property decisions, including in the multi-family and condominium market. That’s a win for everyone in the market, from owners, operators, and landlords to tenants that want something unique.

However, handling Denver’s increased competition in retail property is also necessitating that buyers, tenants, landlords, and owners have knowledge of the industry. The premier properties and highly visible retail spaces are in-demand, but not inaccessible.

The businesses that want to score a high end, top market space essentially needs to see the potential of that space before it arrives and make a business investment in an up and coming property – or pay a high premium when an already sought-after location comes available. Working with an experienced commercial property broker provides the insight and negotiation skills needed in Denver today.

And your business can work with one of Denver’s boutique brokerages when you select Denver Commercial Properties for representation. For three generations, our brokerage firm has worked in DTC and downtown Denver, handling retail property transactions of all sizes. Call the Denver Commercial Properties office at 303-907-6200 or contact us by email at