The Molinaro Team

Gary Molinaro

Gary Molinaro has a proven track record in the commercial real estate business for over 25 years.  He comes from a family that has been demonstrating their expertise in real estate for 3 generations since 1960.  Gary is one of the most sought after Commercial Brokers in Colorado and specializes in all areas of Denver.

Gary’s clients can count on his professionalism and attentiveness throughout the entire transaction process.  His extensive market knowledge is put to work for you the moment you make contact.  Gary’s approach is to always place the clients interests in the forefront and as a result his past clients continue to refer him to their friends, family members, and colleagues.  Gary enjoys working with corporate relocation.  The satisfaction of finding the company their new Denver location and assisting the families that are relocated find homes he finds to be very rewarding.

Gary plays an important role in the stewardship of his family’s tradition of the highest standards.  He has successfully mentored his son Josh to attaining a rewarding career in the family business that will continue to sustain their heritage for many years.  He continues to mentor new brokers as he grows their new office in the Denver Tech Center (DTC) where he is the Senior Employing Broker and Commercial Manager.

Gary loves to play golf, works out regularly and is focused on health and fitness.  He is blessed with a beautiful family with 6 healthy kids, one granddaughter and daughter-in-law.  He is a part of a large Italian family who love to get together each year for their family reunion.  That is why Gary’s motto is “When you work with us – you’re  like family.”

Josh Molinaro

Josh demonstrates exceptional leadership and skill in all aspects of the real estate industry and has established a successful business in the past 6 years.  His father & grandfather have been in real estate for almost 40 years in their hometown of Denver, Colorado and Josh is carrying out the families strong values of service and building long lasting relationships with clients.  Josh’s entire career has been in the real estate world, with his first job after college providing him with the enviable job of being a real estate sales agent.

A native and life-long resident of Denver, Josh possesses a level of knowledge of this town’s real estate market that is unmatched. Although diligent and hard working, Josh’s approach with real estate clients is not over zealous or pushy.  He likes to work with his clients at their own pace and comfort level.  Josh is compassionate in his dealings with his clients, he’s understanding, patient and a good listener– all of which are the cornerstone of great service and results in client referrals.

Josh has had the privilege of building a friendship & working with Champ Bailey, of the Denver Broncos, in purchasing his home here in Denver in 2007.  Josh stresses the importance of creating a personal client service that goes beyond expectation; he knows that the creation of a long-term relationship is far more valuable than any single transaction.

Josh holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Marketing from Metro State College of Denver and currently lives in the beautiful Stapleton area of Denver. He just recently got married in Dec. 2008 on the beach in Tulum, Mexico & enjoys playing golf, softball, flag football, & staying healthy.