What to look for when choosing office space for your business?

February 23, 2024

When setting up your business, one of the crucial decisions you’ll make involves finding the right commercial property. The office space you choose for your company can directly impact your operations, overall productivity, and brand image. Therefore, you shouldn’t take the decision lightly. Instead, understanding what to look for will support you in finding the perfect property that suits your business needs.

So, let’s delve into a mix of traditional criteria and innovative ideas that you should consider when hunting for your perfect office space for rent in Denver.

Initial Aspects to Consider

  • Location: Undeniably, this tops the list as one of the most critical factors. The location should be easily accessible for both employees and clients. It also takes into account the neighborhood’s safety and availability of parking space or public transportation.
  • Size: The office space should be spacious enough to accommodate your team comfortably. Also, consider future expansions or adjustments.
  • Cost: Budget-friendly without compromising the value is an essential factor. Consider costs beyond rent, including maintenance, utilities, and potential renovation costs.
  • Layout: An office layout affects the productivity and satisfaction of employees. Look for spaces that allow freedom for customization to align with your operational needs and company culture.

Let’s dive deeper into some unique ideas that will help you choose the right commercial property for your business.

Consider Your Specific Needs: Planning Ahead

Finding the right commercial space isn’t only about location and price; it’s also about defining what really makes a space the ‘perfect’ one for your business. This goes beyond the basics, and delves into factors you may not have considered until now, factors sure to give your company a competitive edge. Let’s review some of these unique considerations and see how they might fit your business needs.

Building Infrastructure

Modern businesses hugely depend on reliable internet and phone service, so check the building’s infrastructure. Would you need to invest heavily in upgrades? Or is it already wired for high-speed internet?

Company Culture

Your office space can significantly affect your team’s morale and productivity. Open plan or private offices? Collaborative spaces or individual workstations? Ensure to find a space that aligns with your company’s culture and working style.


More businesses are going green! Does the building embrace energy-efficiency? Are there recycling facilities or bike storage for commuting employees? A sustainable building not only benefits the environment, but can also boost your company’s reputation.

Looking beyond the typical check-boxes and considering these less traditional aspects puts you in a firm position to choose an office space that really works for your company.

Questions to Ask

  • Building Infrastructure – Is the building wired for high-speed internet? Would we need to upgrade the utilities?
  • Company Culture – Does the office plan align with our work style? Does it have spaces for team collaboration?
  • Sustainability – Does the building embrace energy-efficiency? Does it have bike storage and recycling facilities?

All these reflective questions will help you evaluate whether a particular option meets all the unique requirements of your business. Revamp your search for commercial office space in Denver with this approach, and see the difference it makes!

Remember, when it comes to office space for your business, it’s not just about ‘finding’ the right space, but ‘creating’ the right environment for success!

Denver Commercial Properties can help you every step of the way in your search for the perfect office space for rent in Denver.