When Should I Buy an Investment Property in Denver?

March 13, 2018

investment property

The Denver Post has reported that while areas in other parts of the country may be experiencing a slump, the commercial real estate market in Denver continues to be robust.  Strong job and population gains have made the Denver region an excellent choice for investment property purchase in the current business climate. Provided the property provides a cash flow and is affordable for you, the answer to when you should buy an investment property is NOW.

Cash Flow

When considering an investment property, one of the first questions that must be answered is whether it is currently producing a cash flow or does it require the investor to wait for appreciation.  In the current Denver climate, many options are available that may produce a cash flow immediately upon purchase. When considering an investment property, ask your real estate advisor what the current cash flow production is and what the market trends show for the investment as it appreciates.  


Consider your own current financial situation.  When considering an investment property purchase, determine if you could still afford the property if interest rates rise.  When seeking an investment, you want to find one with the big picture in mind. What could afford long term as you weather market and economy changes?  

Talk to a Professional Denver Investment Property Advisor

The best way to determine if the time is right to buy an investment property is to seek out the professional opinion of a real estate investment expert in the Denver area, someone familiar with the trends, the market, and the current climate in the area.  Our brokers at Denver Commercial Properties are part of a third-generation family specializing in Denver commercial property and real estate.  We will work with you to identify the best investment for your needs and goals and assist you in determining when the time is right to purchase your ideal investment property.  At Denver Commercial Properties, you aren’t just a number. We are a small, boutique-sized firm. Each client is a part of the family. Our goal is to assist each client in making the best investment decision to meet their financial goals.  

The time is now.  Call Denver Commercial Properties today to make tomorrow’s investment dreams come true!