Industrial Building Sold $1,750,000.00

In the industrial real estate business Denver Commercial Properties is thriving. We provide the most appropriate industrial warehouse space for most products you are looking to store and can aid you in finding the right space for your specific warehouse needs. Commercial property listings in Denver, CO can feel overwhelming, but we are here to help make the process of acquiring industrial warehouse space smooth and easy:
• Warehouse Management – We are able to provide management for industrial warehouse space and our staff is well-trained at handling the intricacies of a large stock. We will give you a well-maintained warehouse and help you reach your business goals in the process.
• Warehouse Size – We have a large variety of square footage available in warehouse space, so your needs are what will decide the best property for you. We want to provide you not only with an excellent property for your money,
The next time you’re looking for warehouse space, you already know who to call. We will be happy to set up a consultation as soon as possible and it is free! We hope you join our business family soon and are waiting to hear from you.