New Residential Development in Boulder

June 29, 2010

A new housing development has been announced for Boulder.  Set near the Twenty Ninth Street shopping District, the purchase of a 0.99-acre site at 4600 Broadway by Cornerstone Housing Alliance for $1.1 million and a 0.76-acre site at 1707 Yarmouth Avenue for $650,000 by Yarmouth Housing Alliance is to result in the placement of a 57-unit housing development at the site in 2011.  To be developed as affordable housing units by the buyers, the buyers purchased the properties via Kyle McDaniel of FourStar Development Group from Silco Oil Co. and Gary Lynn, who were separately represented by agents of The Colorado Group Gary Aboussie (Silco), B. Scot Smith and Wade Arnold (Yarmouth).  Chris Sansone, formerly of The Colorado Group, also represented Silco in the transaction.

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