James Real Estate Services

January 10, 2013

At James Real Estate Services we developed our email newsletters to serve as an information resource for the real estate community and the general community, while fostering increased awareness of our company.  In addition to sharing information about Denver area real estate and the economy, with the growth of transportation oriented development in response to RTD’s growing FasTracks transit system, we strive to share as much as possible about the effect of these developments on the community as well.

We hope you find these email newsletters useful information resources and we appreciate the favorable comments subscribers offer us from time to time. To ensure the continued availability of our newsletters, we offer an opportunity for subscribers to contribute funding for the production and distribution of the newsletters.


We are grateful for sponsors who help fund the expenses of production and we occasionally donate sponsorships to deserving organizations.  However, the funds available from sponsors only partially offset the expenses of production and distribution of our newsletters.


Please click on the link below to support Real Estate Perspective, Cherry Creek Perspective or Apartment Perspective.  In addition to supporting production and distribution of these real estate and economic information resources, you will indirectly support several non-profit organizations listed on the newsletters which in turn support the Denver area real estate and general community.